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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


We sold the Wisteria House!

We had the closing this week and it was so nice to meet the buyer and share this blog with them! Congratulations E.F.!!! We're so excited that somebody is moving in that loves the place as much as we do. I couldn't even go in one last time without getting choked up. (We got pretty attached to the little house.) We hope you share this blog with your family so they'll know what a GREAT DEAL you got on it! :-)

Be sure to read the part of this blog about the bathroom medicine cabinet so you'll know more about that box in the closet! The piece of fuchsia drywall is an actual part of the kitchen wall, and there are other momentos we saved when we made it all new...just for you.

Congratulations on your new home and we wish
you all the best for the new year!

~ Karen and Ken McClure ~

Friday, July 13, 2007


Happy Campers Right Here!

~ For Sale ~

Here are some of the last pictures of the Wisteria House. This is the best Friday the 13th!

The custom bar and counters are in and they look so pretty! We ended up putting a more updated friese carpet (pronounced freeze-aye) in a neutral color and a low pile indoor/outdoor type in the Florida Room. Thanks, Paul Gillman, for doing such a fabulous job with the pressure washing. What a difference! Thank you Greg Sievers for doing a great, great job on clearing the lot and making major changes in the yard. It looks so much better!

Okay, here are more pictures...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Front Door

We decided to save the old front door. It was pretty scratched and dinged up (dung up?) (that sounds funnier!) ~ but the little arched windows at the top really looked good with the new arches in the house. So, we decided to keep it and strip the whatever-it-was on the surface. We weren't sure what the door was made of...but it was a chore getting the finish off and down to the bare wood. There were several large scratches on the front, too. Here's a "before" picture.

We stripped it down and stained it with a medium stain and put a clear finish coat on it to bring out the grain. We think it is cedar. Here's an "after" shot.

We decided the door was too pretty to put the old screen door back on, but that thing is really cool, too.
So Ken re-screened it and we're going to save it for the new owner(s) in case they want to put it back up and enjoy mint juleps on the front porch.
We found out that in order to have carpet installed, we had to put on all the baseboards. Prime, paint, measure, cut, and attach. They told us if they use that "knee kicker" thing without baseboards to stretch the carpet on the tack strip--their kicker would go right through our drywall.
Who knew? So...we got THAT done, too. Filling in the nail holes with caulk just about killed me. By the time I finished the last nail hole I was all but laying on the floor dragging my sorry butt from wall to wall. I think I was moaning, too.


Might seem small to you!

Hey! This might seem like a small thing to you, but the mailbox is in! I guess I should check it and see if anybody is inviting the new neighbors on the block to a church meetin' or something. It'll be a great place to hang a "For Sale" sign on when we're ready!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Florida Room Blue

We've been working on the Florida Room and the blue color looks very pretty with the white windows and the beadboard ceiling. There's a closeup shot of the ceiling below showing the framing near the wall and every four feet or so. It looks very "cottage-like" and the white and blue should look good with the Berber carpet.

Here's one of those "before" shots. I painted the buffet at the end of the room, and I'm going to paint the top tan (to match the sand colors in the room) and with new hardware, it's already looking much better. We found all SORTS of things in that cabinet from Tupperware to fireworks! That little rectangle black thing is a HOLE. We're rebuilding the drawer that goes in there. You can see the areas in the "after" shot where we will be installing molding around the windows (cove type) and behind the buffet. This room is where "old meets new" with the cement block and drywall. Molding~it's a beautiful thing. :-)

Ken installed a 3-way light (one light to face the laundry area [and that ugly water heater!], one to face the back door, and one to face the sitting area of the room). There is also a small ceiling fan for those Summer evenings while you read. Love the blue!

This week Ken worked on replacing the siding on the sides of the house where Ivan took a bite of a few sheets and did some work on the custom bartop.

Monday, April 30, 2007


Florida Room Updates

Okay, I know it's been a while--almost exactly one year since we've owned this baby! We finally got some free time to start on the Florida room and Ken got the drywall up and mudded in record time. I actually earned my paycheck this weekend while working in the Florida room helping Ken hang the beadboard ceilings. The first 4x8 sheet was a comedy act. The second sheet was not quite as funny and the third sheet was what I'd call an almost-fight. Here is a before and after shot of what we've accomplished so far. You can imagine...if you know my medical history and my inability to hold my arms over my head for long periods of was a challenge to say the least.

But! We got the ceiling hung, and because the room isn't exactly square (2 inches longer on one end than the other), primed trim was hung to frame the ceiling edges and matching trim now covers the joints. It looks so "Florida-like!" Here's a before and after (close enough) of the window casings Ken designed and a partial shot of the ceiling before all the trim was installed. The upper cabinet no longer blocks half the window and the room will be painted blue and white.

You can select any picture on the right and see a larger view.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Florida Room Windows

I thought the work Ken did on the windows in the Florida room warranted a set of three pictures all by itself. So! Here are some close up photos of the neat area surrounding the windows that look SO GOOD! It is all done with drywall and mud and has very crisp and clean edges. Great job, Ken! There's nothing to block the view and no wood trim around the windows to detract from the nice open feeling in the room.

I didn't think about how busy the room would appear if we added molding & trim with the windows already being so close together. Plus there are so many windows on one wall...this is so much better!

The area below the window is the original cement block wall which will be primed and painted blue. The window itself and minimal trim that will secure the window and hide the drywall edge will remain white and the surrounding sill area will be painted in the Florida room blue color. The last of these three pictures is the laundry area window. The carpet will probably be berber. Priming is next! Can't wait to add some COLOR to this room!

Friday, March 16, 2007


Just a little different...

Looks prettier with the sink and faucet in the kitchen! The faucet is no longer coming out of the wall. The refrigerator doesn't take up 1/3 of the room, and the arched pass-thru is nearly done. It's hard to see the crown molding in there, but it's all finished. The stove connections have all been redone and it looks nice.

We put all the cabinet hardware on the top cabinets but it's not easy to see them in this picture. I'll try to get a close-up picture added soon. No more fuchsia in this room! Yeah!!! Yes, Brandi...hard to believe it's the same place...thanks for your comment!


Future Laundry Room

Since Ken went back to work we were thinking about hiring out this room and letting someone else hang the drywall and insulation. But…it’s more fun saving money at this point.

Here is the “before” shot of the end of the Florida room where a washer and dryer would go. This room will have indoor/outdoor carpet or Berber. You’ll have to wait and

Friday, February 23, 2007


More Pictures to Share

Here's a picture of the bathroom with the new crown molding.
Here's a funny picture of Ken in the hall. Check out all those corners (molded of course)! :-)


Kitchen Countertop

We put in the kitchen countertop and it actually makes that darn kitchen look BIGGER. Maybe it's because it defines the space and shows the width of the room and the clean yellow wall? Who knows. Looks good, though!

The space on the right is for the stove and the cabinet closest to your view will have a matching countertop. Ken will be cutting the hole in the counter to place the sink and our friends Lindsay and Bob the plumbers will be hooking up the plumbing, gas stove, and water heater tomorrow.

Ken got the hole covered in the hallway where the old gas floor furnace used to be. In case you haven't heard, we are carpeting the entire house (except for the tiled areas in the bathroom and the kitchen (which look awesome by the way!), so we still have the baseboards to install after the carpeting goes in.

The kitchen crown molding will take a little patience, but once that's done, it's off to the Florida room to finish the drywall there, hang the beadboard ceiling and paint. Whew, this light is blinding us now!

I'm gonna miss this little house. I found myself getting choked up when we stood in the livingroom with a view of several rooms. I guess it was a combination of sweat and pride. Watch for some inspiring updates to our blog soon.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


It's all about CROWN MOLDING!

We have a new resume bullet. We have absolutely dreaded starting the crown molding on this flip because in our past experiences with it--we failed miserably. Well, the old saying "...the right tools..."

Wow! For Father's Day last year I got Ken this thing called Magic Mitre which professed to at least help someone cut molding for an older home with odd corners. I thought it might come in handy if Ken started throwing saws.

Crown molding defies logic ~ even if you have a step-by-step instruction manual or a professional showing you how to cut the wood.

We managed to crown the spare bedroom, the master bedroom, the sitting room/office, and the hallway (which we originally said we weren't even going to crown) and didn't ruin one single piece of molding!

Hard to believe but the first room we tackled was the room farthest away from the front door. And check out those interior and exterior angles! Beautiful!


Medicine & Kitchen Cabinets

Here is a picture of the medicine cabinet I told you about, along with a better view of the kitchen cabinets before we put up the molding in the room.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Kitchen Updates

The tile in the kitchen has been installed and there's a really cool corner cabinet. It's not your ordinary "spinning" type corner cabinet (like the one I can't stand in my OWN kitchen!), but it has better access and a lot more usable space!

I'm also posting a closer shot of the kitchen tile. It looks really good with the maple cabinets, we think!

What a huge difference the countertops will make in this neat space! Right now the counters in the kitchen will be a laminate done in a version of black granite. The pass-through will have a similar counter surface as the bar that see beginning in the first photo above left, as well as the base cabinet in the corner by the backdoor. All three of these surfaces will match. There's a Plan A surface and a Plan B surface. Watch for more pictures when that project is finished.


New Bathroom Updates!

We've been making progress in the bathroom since the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Not a TON of progress, but hey! Tis' the season to be in debt.

The light has been installed, the tile is in, the new vanity looks great! And the "tub guys" came and finished the plumbing installation. There's a nice rain-type shower fixture and besides the crown molding, and the baseboards, the only thing left is this really cool medicine cabinet on the wall!

Oh yeah, and the shower curtain and the beadboard rail cap, and the toilet paper holder, and...okay, so you get the idea. Here's another picture of a closeup of that cool shower head! Remember to click on the small pictures here to see a larger picture.
Just so you won't have to scroll down to see it, I'm including a small "before" picture of the bathroom so it's easier to compare this new look with the one in all it's Pink Glory!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Cabinets look great with the yellow!

Our great friend Lloyd came over yesterday and spent ALL day with Ken installing kitchen cabinets! I think out of all the projects we've done ~ this has made the biggest difference. It's beginning to look like a home. Thank you, Lloyd, for helping Ken. He wouldn't have wanted to do it without you!

The kitchen is painted in a buttery yellow and I think the maple cabinets look great with the room color. The doors are on and the rest of the cabinets are up, but that "picture" will be saved for the open house! Thanks again, Lloyd!

Hey! Did we tell you that ugly dumpster is out of the driveway???


Painting Party!

We finally had our first painting party with colors! The living room is done in a wheat color and all the bedrooms are in the same natural family of colors.
The bathroom, however, is in a caramel and it looks SO good against the white beaded paneling. (Sorry, I don't know why I'm having so much problem getting these pictures to line up!)

Susan, Reinhard, Ken and I finished painting the whole house (in one day, I think!) and then Ken finished up with the second coat on most of the rooms. The crown molding will really make a difference. Have you ever tried to cut crown molding for a wall that isn't plumb? No doubt there will be a blog when that is complete! Thanks for all your help, Susan & Reinhard!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Sunday, October 29, 2006


Florida Room Windows

I don't know if you remember how bad the windows looked on the back of the house, but they look much better now! We decided it's time to get that huge dumpster out of the driveway and get rid of any big stuff before it goes. So, Ken removed the upper cabinets in the Florida room, took out the old A/C and gave it to a dumpster diver, and tore out all the old windows.

The Florida room now has a new window by the washer and dryer area, as well as two big sliding windows and a new smaller sliding window where the air conditioner used to be. What a difference! The back of the house will be finished with vinyl siding to match the existing white siding. For now, Ken's sealing the windows, weathering around it and getting the white vinyl siding ready to install.

Here's an inside shot of what the corner of the room looks like now...the smell of the new wood and the exposed wood reminds me of a cabin. We're going to leave that lower bank of cabinets in there for extra storage and add insulation and drywall to this room.


Kitchen Entrance

Our friends Pat and Lloyd came by to see the Wisteria House this weekend and Ken showed them some of his latest projects. Thanks for stopping by!

For those of you that have been tracking our progress all along, Ken has completed the final drywall in the areas that required wiring, plumbing, and wall rebuilding. He's on the final mudding and taping but is all but finished with the entrance to the kitchen, the rest of the hallway, the rest of the bathroom, the remaining ceilings in the kitchen bar area, and when the dust settles, we can begin to prime and paint the rest of the inside.

Susan and Reinhard are planning another working vacation the weekend of the 11th, and we're very excited to show them our progress and get their HELP once again. Some days it seems like it goes so slowwwww...but Ken has to remember ~ he's just one person. I have to admit, he's doing all of the work most of the time. I just go over and tell him to move out of the way so I can take pictures and take part of the credit. It's amazing how the little odd jobs around our OWN house seem so TINY compared to the projects he has completed in the past three months in the Wisteria House. Just today he was talking about what he wants to do with our kitchen at home...and he actually sounded excited about the possibilities. :-)

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Golden Arches

The Arch Inspector said Ken did a fabulous job on the new arches above the pass-through in the kitchen and the sitting room doorway arch. Here you can see them almost completely drywalled and ready for mudding.

Meet our favorite inspector, Karen's dad, Jim Avery! Remember, if you click on this picture, you can see a larger version showing more detail. Like dad's white socks.

Ken says drywalling the curved part at the top of each arch is the easy part. I'm just glad he remembered to wire my little pendant lights before he closed in that wall! Very nice, very nice! I'm very happy with the arches, thanks Ken!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


The Hall has Walls

The guys finished drywalling the hallway this weekend, too! The picture on the left shows going down the hall toward the living room. The one on the right is going back to the spare bedroom.

All that DUST!! I had to wait for it to settle before I brought the camera inside to shoot these pictures...

The floor furnace has since been removed and sealed off. Eventually it will be covered with wood. Now you know why many of the older homes have a cute little rug in the hall! :-)


Cutting-in and the Spare Bedroom Floor

While the guys were busy working on the kitchen & hallway, we got started priming the walls and ceilings. I did the cutting-in while Susan did the hard stuff. Sis--you're going to be sore tomorrow! We managed to get the spare bedroom primed, along with the master bedroom, and both ceilings (that's where the sore part comes in!). We also finished cutting-in the sitting room, and we tore up the tiles from the wood floor in this spare bedroom.

This picture looks like we spilled a 5-gallon bucket of paint, but that's where the tile had been removed before and the drywall dust, sawdust, and dirt stuck to the adhesive and left behind from earlier tile removal. Like Ken says, "Piece of cake!" Yeah, okay.


I'd Say it Looks Better!

I'd say this tub looks just a wee bit better than the other tub! The wall to your left is the "other side" of the kitchen wall we finished up this weekend. We picked out the beadboard this weekend and the paint color. (The green is not the color!) Now that the wall is done and the outlets are in--floor tile comes next. The vanity, mirror, and light fixtures are ready and waiting in the living room!

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