Thursday, June 29, 2006


Interior Living Room & Dining Room Walls

The 4th of July weekend is here! These are the walls of the living room (on the left) and dining room (on the right). You can see the firring strips and the old larger bricks we found when we tore everything off the walls. The windows you see are old wooden painted windows. Some don't even close all the way. We don't want to air condition the backyard anymore, so before too long, all the windows will be replaced. They are being delivered Friday!


The other half of the workshop...

We call this the "back shed" which is attached to the workshop behind the carport. This poor shed gave up its roof to Ivan. You can see where half of it's missing. This was where we found the other 300 empty boxes, lots of wet stuff, and the well pump.


It's got a workshop, too...

This is one sad looking workshop right now...but it just needs a little TLC. Anybody want a bunch of cans of dried up paint or rusty nails? Why do old people hang things from rafters with wire hangers (like brittle hoses and more rusty hangers)? I'll bet we found 600 empty boxes in here along with gunpowder, mason jars, and an ancient feral cat. At least this part of the workshop had a roof! Check out the other half of the workshop.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


The Kitchen

Yes, the kitchen looks this bad. The floor is linoleum and the cabinet doors had been removed before we purchased the house. The gas stove is on your right and refrigerator takes up half the kitchen on the left. Elizabeth started demolishing the countertop this past week and she says her hand is still tingling.

This picture doesn't do that ugly red paint justice. It's really FUSCHIA.

Think tile, stainless steel sink, new countertops, new cabinets...with doors or glass fronts. We'll stay out of your way, Ken. That poor kitchen isn't big enough for four of us in there--not YET anyway! Watch for major developments in this room in the next few weeks.


Green but way too overgrown!

Have clippers and trimmers, will travel? Okay, Susan, here's your job for the weekend. Make some of these 10 foot green monsters go away!

There are areas of the backyard that have very nice azaleas and several places that are way out of control. The landscaping and trimming will definitely be a major undertaking...but we think it will make all the difference! It's hard to see there's a nice size shed and workshop out back. Tag, you're it, Susan!


Interior Walls...

All of the exterior walls that didn't have panelling and drywall were covered with 1940s wallpaper. Here, Susan and I strip the remaining wallpaper backing from the master bedroom. It went a lot smoother than we thought it would! I think we broke two spray bottles by the time we got the last of that stuff off!

See why we didn't keep the carpet? Yuck!


Sitting Room? Office?

From the living room, you can see into the third bedroom. The front door is to your right. The hallway is on the left. The brick is part of the old chimney servicing the old floor furnace.

After we tore down the wall between the two rooms and removed the old musty drywall, it felt like a totally different house! We are considering adding an arched doorway and making this a sitting room or bonus room off the main living room to keep these two rooms open to each other. The carpet has since been torn up in all rooms of the house and the whole place is beginning to smell so much better!


Ceiling Tiles

Most of the ceiling tiles have been taken down and the ceiling looks pretty good underneath. The firring strips are pretty solid and will be covered with drywall the 4th of July weekend.

All of the air conditioning ductwork has been installed and the registers will go up after the drywall is complete.

This is the ceiling in the sitting room right off of the main living room.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


We found hardwoods...

Found 'em! Under the carpet, the padding, the tack strips, the tile and the felt, we found hardwoods. You know the drill...the black tarry glue with all that black felt stuck to the wood.

The floors in the closets are pristine. The fun part will be restoring the rest of the floors to make them all match!

The air conditioner was installed today and the rest of this week will be spent bringing the electrical up to code. Making progress!

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