Monday, August 28, 2006


Bathroom Progress

The vanity is gone. The toilet you see here is now out (yes we covered the hole where the wax ring was!). We tried to clean the major dirt and rust off the bathtub, but after further inspection, we've discovered the finish has been rubbed off on a large part of the inside of the tub. After bouncing around a few ideas, we've decided to smash the tub and take it out. Ken found a beautiful tub and surround today and it has plenty of little shelves and cubbies to put shampoo and soap. Considering there is still plenty of work to do demolishing all the pink tile, we think this is the best idea for making it all brand new and easy for the new homeowners to clean.

We considered installing a contemporary shower, but we figured a young family with a small child or an older couple would prefer a nice new tub. So...that's the plan there. We will be choosing a new mirror/medicine cabinet, a new vanity, and new toilet to fit in the space soon.

Thanks to our good friend, George, for stopping by to take a look around. Ken is still working hard on removing more of the tile you saw on that one wall. He's trying his best to dislocate his shoulder by smashing it with this huge chisel and small sledge hammer (the wall, not his shoulder). He said for me to tell you, "Next time, please stay longer and bring eye protection and a hammer."

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