Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Cast iron breaks?

Did you know that you could lay a towel or blanket on a cast iron tub and hit it with a heavy hammer and the tub would break into a million pointed shards of metal? Neither did we, until we talked to the plumber. You can see one end of the tub broken and lonely on the floor. (See the picture with the orange bucket). Remember, you can click on any of these pictures and see a larger version with more details.

Ken had quite a day today. He accidentally found the rotten part of the bathroom floor. Ken said he was breaking up a large section of the tub while he was standing over where the toilet used to be. The floor looked totally normal except that the toilet had been removed.

Whoosh! Down he went, straight through the floor! But, luckily his Guardian Angel went down there first.

There were large sharp jagged pieces of the tub strewn all around him, along with pipes and boards, nails, and tools that fell into the hole with him.

Any one of them could have done major damage when he fell, but he missed every one of them. His left leg hit the dirt under the house and his right leg stayed out of the hole (youch!)--let's just go ahead and rip every groin muscle from the ankle to the neck. It doesn't appear anything is broken, thank goodness.

Here's another picture of Ken after he finished demolition. It looks like he's wearing one of those "What have I gotten myself INTO?" looks. He really wanted to have the tile off, so he made great progress and is right where he wants to be.

Out of that damn hole!

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