Wednesday, August 16, 2006



We can hear the savings falling into our piggy banks already. It feels great getting eleven Pella Vinyl ThermaStar double hung insulated replacement windows (with screens!) for just over a grand and saving twice that by installing them ourselves! And they look great, too.

Ken's finally finished playing in the mud and he hung and framed out the first window in the sitting room today. The first picture on the left shows the old window. The other two are the "afters." Man! This is getting exciting! We never thought we'd be so happy to finish one part of the project and begin another. I told Ken, "Don't get too giddy pardner' ~ we've still got the wood floors to do!

The plumber came by yesterday and we went over the pipe issues in the kitchen. After a closer inspection, we found out the damage from a slow leak for forty years only affected the floor boards under the kitchen cabinets and extended only partly into the bathroom (under the toilet and the sink). We originally thought we'd have to totally gut the bathroom, but maybe not.

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