Thursday, August 03, 2006


Dang Breaker Box!

Okay, you'll have to "think back" if you can't figure out what part of the kitchen this looked quite different in the other "before" pictures. For help, scroll down till you see my post from the "Weekend Progress" on July 3rd to revisit this's the corner where the refrigerator used to be.

In the new kitchen, the window will be removed and drywalled over and an "L" shaped counter with cabinets will be installed in this corner of the kitchen. There will be plugs and a small counter for things like a coffee pot, a message center, etc. Well, that's the plan anyway!

The kitchen will be extended to the left and the new refrigerator will actually be moved to the other side of that little wall with the breaker box in it. The door you see goes out to the Florida Room and the washer & dryer. Click on this picture to see a closer view of the mess. I mean, the corner.

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