Wednesday, August 02, 2006


The Front Porch "Before" Shots

Every time we open and close the front door, we realize just how perfect it is for this house! We've decided to keep it and strip off the old paint and finish(es) and see what the woodgrain looks like. There are four cool little windows at the top of the door and the glass is cut to fit in the arched shape.

The second picture here is the old wood frame screen covering we found over all the windows. These are painted with a lovely dark red paint and will look beautiful in the dumpster. Besides, we won't need them once we install the new energy efficient windows!

The third picture is the rusted porch railing which currently only covers about 1/10th of the entire porch. This charming rusty feature will be replaced with some other new porch railing system. In other words, we have no idea what kind of railing, but we know we don't want wrought iron!

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