Tuesday, August 15, 2006


He says he didn't fire me...

You hear people say, "I'm going to drywall the entire house myself. I can't see paying someone to do a little taping and mudding when I can do it myself."

Well, I'm going to get right on this new fangled Internet thing and tell the whole world that Ken is only a couple of hours away from drywalling the entire house!

Here is a picture of one of his beautiful outside corners (in the hallway near the A/C control) and all of it looks soooooo good! Susan and I helped hang the drywall and we even started with the first of the mudding, but I don't know how Ken didn't throw a hammer through a window by the third coat.

I went over to help him one afternoon and I thought we'd have to stucco the damn wall by the time I was finished glopping on the mud. I lost my touch and nearly messed up his hard work. And I was doing this in the front LIVING ROOM! He says he didn't fire me, but he did ask what we were having for dinner...so I threw the drywall knife and left him to fix my mess. I don't know how he did it ~ but I swore I'd never ask him to do that again. We'll hang the sheets but some other sucker is going to finish it. Good job, Ken! And thank you...it looks great.

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