Friday, September 29, 2006


More Pictures Soon!

There will be more pictures soon for the blog! Some of you have commented that you haven't seen anything new posted here. This post is for you.

The new tub is in and Ken has been busy filling in gaps. The plumbing is finished in the bathroom and kitchen, and now the bathroom is drywalled and the subfloor is in. No more hole to fall through! The pass-through wall framing is up between the kitchen and livingroom and the kitchen ceiling is finally finished. With no light fixtures up and insulation falling from the ceiling after tearing off the old kitchen ceiling sheetrock, the pictures made it look like we were actually going BACKWARDS.

Susan and her husband, Reinhard (yes, I said her husband!) are coming in late tonight to work on the house with us this weekend. We're wearing painting clothes to begin priming.

Our good friend Susan E. from Texas stopped by this week to pay us a visit and we had fun opening boxes to show her new fixtures, lights, and the new bathroom mirror! Seeing as she is doing her own's easy to get excited about things like faucets, pendant lights, and doorknobs! So...for all of you waiting for pictures and posts, you'll see more soon.

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