Sunday, October 29, 2006


Florida Room Windows

I don't know if you remember how bad the windows looked on the back of the house, but they look much better now! We decided it's time to get that huge dumpster out of the driveway and get rid of any big stuff before it goes. So, Ken removed the upper cabinets in the Florida room, took out the old A/C and gave it to a dumpster diver, and tore out all the old windows.

The Florida room now has a new window by the washer and dryer area, as well as two big sliding windows and a new smaller sliding window where the air conditioner used to be. What a difference! The back of the house will be finished with vinyl siding to match the existing white siding. For now, Ken's sealing the windows, weathering around it and getting the white vinyl siding ready to install.

Here's an inside shot of what the corner of the room looks like now...the smell of the new wood and the exposed wood reminds me of a cabin. We're going to leave that lower bank of cabinets in there for extra storage and add insulation and drywall to this room.


Kitchen Entrance

Our friends Pat and Lloyd came by to see the Wisteria House this weekend and Ken showed them some of his latest projects. Thanks for stopping by!

For those of you that have been tracking our progress all along, Ken has completed the final drywall in the areas that required wiring, plumbing, and wall rebuilding. He's on the final mudding and taping but is all but finished with the entrance to the kitchen, the rest of the hallway, the rest of the bathroom, the remaining ceilings in the kitchen bar area, and when the dust settles, we can begin to prime and paint the rest of the inside.

Susan and Reinhard are planning another working vacation the weekend of the 11th, and we're very excited to show them our progress and get their HELP once again. Some days it seems like it goes so slowwwww...but Ken has to remember ~ he's just one person. I have to admit, he's doing all of the work most of the time. I just go over and tell him to move out of the way so I can take pictures and take part of the credit. It's amazing how the little odd jobs around our OWN house seem so TINY compared to the projects he has completed in the past three months in the Wisteria House. Just today he was talking about what he wants to do with our kitchen at home...and he actually sounded excited about the possibilities. :-)

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Golden Arches

The Arch Inspector said Ken did a fabulous job on the new arches above the pass-through in the kitchen and the sitting room doorway arch. Here you can see them almost completely drywalled and ready for mudding.

Meet our favorite inspector, Karen's dad, Jim Avery! Remember, if you click on this picture, you can see a larger version showing more detail. Like dad's white socks.

Ken says drywalling the curved part at the top of each arch is the easy part. I'm just glad he remembered to wire my little pendant lights before he closed in that wall! Very nice, very nice! I'm very happy with the arches, thanks Ken!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


The Hall has Walls

The guys finished drywalling the hallway this weekend, too! The picture on the left shows going down the hall toward the living room. The one on the right is going back to the spare bedroom.

All that DUST!! I had to wait for it to settle before I brought the camera inside to shoot these pictures...

The floor furnace has since been removed and sealed off. Eventually it will be covered with wood. Now you know why many of the older homes have a cute little rug in the hall! :-)


Cutting-in and the Spare Bedroom Floor

While the guys were busy working on the kitchen & hallway, we got started priming the walls and ceilings. I did the cutting-in while Susan did the hard stuff. Sis--you're going to be sore tomorrow! We managed to get the spare bedroom primed, along with the master bedroom, and both ceilings (that's where the sore part comes in!). We also finished cutting-in the sitting room, and we tore up the tiles from the wood floor in this spare bedroom.

This picture looks like we spilled a 5-gallon bucket of paint, but that's where the tile had been removed before and the drywall dust, sawdust, and dirt stuck to the adhesive and left behind from earlier tile removal. Like Ken says, "Piece of cake!" Yeah, okay.


I'd Say it Looks Better!

I'd say this tub looks just a wee bit better than the other tub! The wall to your left is the "other side" of the kitchen wall we finished up this weekend. We picked out the beadboard this weekend and the paint color. (The green is not the color!) Now that the wall is done and the outlets are in--floor tile comes next. The vanity, mirror, and light fixtures are ready and waiting in the living room!


Started Planting in Front

A couple of weeks ago Elizabeth and I started working on the garden out front. We added a few bags of compost, turned over all the dirt, and added some little plants. This weekend Susan and I added the rest of the plants and sprigged some grass we moved from another area of the yard. The pretty colors make it look so much better by the porch!


Kitchen Coming Along Nicely

There's a lot going on in this picture, I doesn't even look like the same kitchen anymore! The ceiling has now been drywalled, the window to the left has been closed in, the floor has been repaired where the plumbing was updated and that is now covered with a new wall.

There are new GFI outlets in the kitchen & the bathroom, light switches have been installed in the kitchen for the lights and the fan, and Ken added outlets for the bar and the "L" shaped cabinet area.

Ken ran the wiring and installed two cool pendant lights over the pass-through and started the half wall for the bar. Reinhard and Susan came down from Atlanta to lend four hands. Thanks you two!

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