Sunday, October 01, 2006


Cutting-in and the Spare Bedroom Floor

While the guys were busy working on the kitchen & hallway, we got started priming the walls and ceilings. I did the cutting-in while Susan did the hard stuff. Sis--you're going to be sore tomorrow! We managed to get the spare bedroom primed, along with the master bedroom, and both ceilings (that's where the sore part comes in!). We also finished cutting-in the sitting room, and we tore up the tiles from the wood floor in this spare bedroom.

This picture looks like we spilled a 5-gallon bucket of paint, but that's where the tile had been removed before and the drywall dust, sawdust, and dirt stuck to the adhesive and left behind from earlier tile removal. Like Ken says, "Piece of cake!" Yeah, okay.

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