Sunday, October 29, 2006


Florida Room Windows

I don't know if you remember how bad the windows looked on the back of the house, but they look much better now! We decided it's time to get that huge dumpster out of the driveway and get rid of any big stuff before it goes. So, Ken removed the upper cabinets in the Florida room, took out the old A/C and gave it to a dumpster diver, and tore out all the old windows.

The Florida room now has a new window by the washer and dryer area, as well as two big sliding windows and a new smaller sliding window where the air conditioner used to be. What a difference! The back of the house will be finished with vinyl siding to match the existing white siding. For now, Ken's sealing the windows, weathering around it and getting the white vinyl siding ready to install.

Here's an inside shot of what the corner of the room looks like now...the smell of the new wood and the exposed wood reminds me of a cabin. We're going to leave that lower bank of cabinets in there for extra storage and add insulation and drywall to this room.

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