Sunday, October 29, 2006


Kitchen Entrance

Our friends Pat and Lloyd came by to see the Wisteria House this weekend and Ken showed them some of his latest projects. Thanks for stopping by!

For those of you that have been tracking our progress all along, Ken has completed the final drywall in the areas that required wiring, plumbing, and wall rebuilding. He's on the final mudding and taping but is all but finished with the entrance to the kitchen, the rest of the hallway, the rest of the bathroom, the remaining ceilings in the kitchen bar area, and when the dust settles, we can begin to prime and paint the rest of the inside.

Susan and Reinhard are planning another working vacation the weekend of the 11th, and we're very excited to show them our progress and get their HELP once again. Some days it seems like it goes so slowwwww...but Ken has to remember ~ he's just one person. I have to admit, he's doing all of the work most of the time. I just go over and tell him to move out of the way so I can take pictures and take part of the credit. It's amazing how the little odd jobs around our OWN house seem so TINY compared to the projects he has completed in the past three months in the Wisteria House. Just today he was talking about what he wants to do with our kitchen at home...and he actually sounded excited about the possibilities. :-)

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