Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Cabinets look great with the yellow!

Our great friend Lloyd came over yesterday and spent ALL day with Ken installing kitchen cabinets! I think out of all the projects we've done ~ this has made the biggest difference. It's beginning to look like a home. Thank you, Lloyd, for helping Ken. He wouldn't have wanted to do it without you!

The kitchen is painted in a buttery yellow and I think the maple cabinets look great with the room color. The doors are on and the rest of the cabinets are up, but that "picture" will be saved for the open house! Thanks again, Lloyd!

Hey! Did we tell you that ugly dumpster is out of the driveway???


Painting Party!

We finally had our first painting party with colors! The living room is done in a wheat color and all the bedrooms are in the same natural family of colors.
The bathroom, however, is in a caramel and it looks SO good against the white beaded paneling. (Sorry, I don't know why I'm having so much problem getting these pictures to line up!)

Susan, Reinhard, Ken and I finished painting the whole house (in one day, I think!) and then Ken finished up with the second coat on most of the rooms. The crown molding will really make a difference. Have you ever tried to cut crown molding for a wall that isn't plumb? No doubt there will be a blog when that is complete! Thanks for all your help, Susan & Reinhard!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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