Saturday, December 30, 2006


Kitchen Updates

The tile in the kitchen has been installed and there's a really cool corner cabinet. It's not your ordinary "spinning" type corner cabinet (like the one I can't stand in my OWN kitchen!), but it has better access and a lot more usable space!

I'm also posting a closer shot of the kitchen tile. It looks really good with the maple cabinets, we think!

What a huge difference the countertops will make in this neat space! Right now the counters in the kitchen will be a laminate done in a version of black granite. The pass-through will have a similar counter surface as the bar that see beginning in the first photo above left, as well as the base cabinet in the corner by the backdoor. All three of these surfaces will match. There's a Plan A surface and a Plan B surface. Watch for more pictures when that project is finished.

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