Sunday, April 29, 2007


Florida Room Windows

I thought the work Ken did on the windows in the Florida room warranted a set of three pictures all by itself. So! Here are some close up photos of the neat area surrounding the windows that look SO GOOD! It is all done with drywall and mud and has very crisp and clean edges. Great job, Ken! There's nothing to block the view and no wood trim around the windows to detract from the nice open feeling in the room.

I didn't think about how busy the room would appear if we added molding & trim with the windows already being so close together. Plus there are so many windows on one wall...this is so much better!

The area below the window is the original cement block wall which will be primed and painted blue. The window itself and minimal trim that will secure the window and hide the drywall edge will remain white and the surrounding sill area will be painted in the Florida room blue color. The last of these three pictures is the laundry area window. The carpet will probably be berber. Priming is next! Can't wait to add some COLOR to this room!

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