Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Front Door

We decided to save the old front door. It was pretty scratched and dinged up (dung up?) (that sounds funnier!) ~ but the little arched windows at the top really looked good with the new arches in the house. So, we decided to keep it and strip the whatever-it-was on the surface. We weren't sure what the door was made of...but it was a chore getting the finish off and down to the bare wood. There were several large scratches on the front, too. Here's a "before" picture.

We stripped it down and stained it with a medium stain and put a clear finish coat on it to bring out the grain. We think it is cedar. Here's an "after" shot.

We decided the door was too pretty to put the old screen door back on, but that thing is really cool, too.
So Ken re-screened it and we're going to save it for the new owner(s) in case they want to put it back up and enjoy mint juleps on the front porch.
We found out that in order to have carpet installed, we had to put on all the baseboards. Prime, paint, measure, cut, and attach. They told us if they use that "knee kicker" thing without baseboards to stretch the carpet on the tack strip--their kicker would go right through our drywall.
Who knew? So...we got THAT done, too. Filling in the nail holes with caulk just about killed me. By the time I finished the last nail hole I was all but laying on the floor dragging my sorry butt from wall to wall. I think I was moaning, too.


Might seem small to you!

Hey! This might seem like a small thing to you, but the mailbox is in! I guess I should check it and see if anybody is inviting the new neighbors on the block to a church meetin' or something. It'll be a great place to hang a "For Sale" sign on when we're ready!

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